Think you can charge? Need something for those big barrels? This is a brand new step up Model "The Knuckle Sandwich" This model was developed with heavy input from Koa Rothman. This step up will change how step ups are shaped. The knuckle sandwich is really thick from the chest forward all the way thru the tip of the nose. This does 2 things, this allows the rider to paddle in early when taking off " under the knuckle' or the lip, it also allows the rider to get in early and avoid taking off under the knuckle. The second thing this added volume in the nose does is give the rider the ability to generate trim speed by moving froward while in the barrel to make sections. The board is foiled out going from the chest area down towards the tail to allow for turns. The wide point is 1/4 inch forward then our normal step up. The board is also glassed a tad heavier. We glass 6oz on the bottom to give the board strength and some stiffness and the double 4oz on the deck so that the weight isnt to heavy but just enough. This particular board was shaped for Koa 6'6" X 18-3/8 X 2-3/8 with full volume rails. Can be ordered from 6'0" all the way up to 9'0"

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