The "R3-WD" Model
SURFER                                                   185LBS  TO 220LBS 

BOARD SIZE                                       5-10  TO  6-4 

ABILITY LEVEL                             NOVICE   /     AVID
   /    HAS BEEN

TAIL SHAPE                                      DIAMOND OR sQUASH 

Fin Set Up:                          
 Thruster, /   Quad.

 Construction:                       Polyester or Epoxy

WAVE RANGE                   BEACH BREAKS /  REEFS       3 FEET TO 7 FEET
The R3-WD has a wider outline than the rest of the R3 series. Nose and tail are thicker and lessed foiled to "hide" the volume for a the bigger surfer. Order this the same length you would your normal shortboard and 1/4 inch thicker. Deep single concave flatter tail rocker and full nose. Its a speed freak kind of a board.
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