The Sano-Special
Surfer:                                                                  Any Size 
Board Size:                                                    9-0   TO   11-6
Ability Level:                                           BEGINNER TO ADVANCED 

Tail Shapes:                               
Squash, Round, Pin Diamond
Fin Set Up:                                      Single, OR 2 PLUS 11
 ConstRuction:                                         Polyester or Epoxy

Wave Range:                             Beach Break, Reefs. 3 Feet to 6 feet 
This baby is a wave catching machine. this board can be ordered up to 3 3/4 thick. Big and Bulky this one is made for stability and catching waves on the flattest of days. relaxed rocker for extra glide. This also helps in sitting outside of everyoe else and catching all the sets. Great board for those San Onofre days.
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