The Swamp Thing

Surfer:                               Any Size
Board Size:                 9'-0" to 10'-0"
Ability Level:              Beginner to Adavnced                 

Tail Shapes:                  Swallow, Diamond, Squash
Fin Set Up:                      Quad ,Single, 2+1
 Construction:               Polyester or Epoxy

Wave Range:                       1 foot to 10 Feet
What can we say about this Versitle Longboard Model. This "Thing" does it all. This board is built for turns. Its our number one selling Longboard and can be ordered in a ton of different ways. The most popular is the Quad fin with double wing swallow tail. Modern Longboarding is the name of the game. But dont count out Nose Riding. The wide nose allows for some great nose riding. Great board for the short boarder that want to ride a longboard on the slower days. I have this board in my personal quiver. This is our number one selling Longboard.
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