The "Plankton"
Surfer:                                                    175lbs to 250lbs 
Board Size:                                       5 6" to  7 2 
Ability Level:                            beginner to intermediate 

Tail Shapes:                     
Double Bump Round, Round
Fin Set Up:                                         Thruster, Quad, 5 Fin
 Construction:                      Polyester or Epoxy

wave range                                    3 feet to 6 feet 

You need a board that is a great all around model? Here it is! 5 fin set up is recomended. Use it as quad in the smaller stuff for generating speed and run it as a thruster is the bigger stuff for maximun hold. No need to fill your garage with a quiver this board works in most conditions. Great all around board for a guy who wants to move down from a longboard or the begginer who need stability and pefomance. Also a great travel board.
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