Faction Surfboards was founded by Mike Huseman, Local Huntington Beach Shaper, in the spring of 2005 after selling his share in a large surfboard manufacturing company. Faction Surfboards are 100% American Made by American hands. All boards are made front to back in house in our Huntington Beach Ca. Factory. Our facility is a full service factory consisting of shaping bays, CNC Computer aided shaping machine, Glass Room, Sand / Polish Room and Airbrush Room.  This insures that quality is top notch and controlled by a hands on approach. Faction also sponsors several local pros to get feedback on an ever changing line up of new models.. This keeps Faction at the top of their game which translates into the recreational surfer’s equipment giving them the advantages of a finely tuned custom board. When ordering your custom board, you will work directly with Mike Huseman  in coming up with a design that best suits your surfing. The advantages of working directly with the shaper far outweighs buying a stock board off the rack, both in price and function. Your surfing should be improving thru out your life and equipment is tantamount to making this goal happen.  To insure that all our customers are given the time and focus needed to make a top notch quality surfboard, we are by appointment only. Call 714-496-5383 to schedule an appointment. Appointments are available 7 days a week 8am to 7pm

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