The "Mercenary"
Surfer:                                 160lbs to 220lbs ( Bigger Surfer in Mind)
Size Range:                  5 10" to 6'7"
Tail Shapes:               Round, Squash, Rounded Squash and Thumb
Fin Set Up:                         Thruster, Quad.
Construction:              Polyester or Epoxy
Wave Range:                Beach Break, Points, Reefs. 3 Feet to 10 Feet
 The Mercenary is made for the bigger guy who can surf Intermediate to Pro. The Wide point has been moved forward 1 inch to account for wieght of a heavier Surfer, This helps with "Drive" and paddling into waves.  Slightly more "Entry" rocker has been added to account for a taller surfer and taller brd to fit in the pocket of the wave. Extra volume is added underneath the chest area. The shape comes standard with a slight single concave to flat just behind rear fin.The number one recomended set up is Thruster with Round Tail.

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