The "Tyrant"
Surfer:                                                     125 to 175lbs  
Board Size:                                        5'2" to 5'10" 
Ability Level                   : Intermediate to Pro 
Tail Shapes:                       Diamond, squash, Straight chop 
Fin Set Up:                                           Thruster, Quad.
Construction:                                  Polyester or Epoxy

 Wave Range:                                  Beach Break, Reefs. 3 Feet to 6 feet 
  The Tyrant model is our revised 2012 version of "your moms new boyfriend model". This diver type model allows great down the line speed for the air guy in mind. Single to double concave. This board should be ordered 2 to 4 inches shorter than your normal shortboard. You need speed for punting? Here you go have all you want.

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